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Creating value beyond sustainability

Flourishing Organisations facilitates the individual and organizational transformation that leads to the state of flourishing. This requires breakthrough initiatives, experimentation, value-based decision making and operational and managerial excellence to create economic, ecologic and human value for all its stakeholders.


Creating a flourishing organisation requires a shift in mindsets, values and consequent behaviours. Flourishing Organisations offers several training programs, workshop and coaching to facilitate organisational and cultural change. Therefore we start our coaching with an Organisational Culture Review. Following that assessment, we define together which topics need to be addressed in priority to evolve to the next level.

Organisational change happens step by step and often organisations go through an evolutionary process before becoming flourishing. 

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A virtuous cycle of bottom-up and top-down stimuli and responses will result in profound transformations in purpose, mission and identity of the organisation towards the creation, focus and expansion of the common good. Find more details on our programmes here:

Giving Culture Programme

A mind and heart workout to improve your well-being and the well-being in your organisation. Get ways to generate a Growth Mindset. Achieve self-awareness and emotional balance. Develop your cognitive capacities. And learn new ways how to collaborate and communicate.

Start from an assessment of the current culture with a Organisation Culture Review. Join our modular programme to power up your capabilities to master managerial and leadership issues such as diplomatic communication, team building, decision making, conflict resolution, ethical decision making and organisational change.

Innovate with societal impact

A tailor made journey to unlock the human potential of your organisation. 

  • Learn how to value stakeholders and generate a win-win-win for societal impact.

  • Develop deep innovation capabilities by generating new business units.

  • Build-in introspective moments to enhance your adaptability, growth possibilities, problem solving capacities and decision making processes.

Together we deliver change

When attacking societal problems with a business model we need to cooperate with multiple organisations. Real societal impact is only possible through shaping or redefining or networks that work towards a common goal. How to set up your network, how to pitch your vision, how to make a community that works for the same vision are skills that you can learn. Find out more here.

Together also refers to the possibility for us to help you achieve societal impact. We give training and on the job coachings. We facilitate your meetings towards societal impact. 

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