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Creating value beyond sustainability

Our vision is a world where self-empowered individuals and organisations generate enlightened decisions to create value for all, including society, stakeholders, customers, partners, employees and the environment.

Our mission is to be a reliable, advising partner for companies and organisations in the private, social and public sectors that wish to commit to sustainable development and a higher societal purpose.

We are part of an international network of trainers, coaches, consultants, researchers called Center of Evolutionary Learning. This international network (e.g. Italy, France, Austria, Turkey, UK, South Africa, USA) collaborates on the research, development and execution of new programmes based on deep learning techniques with the aim for societal and environmental impact.

We call upon all leaders and thoughtful individuals committed to the creation of flourishing organizations in flourishing societies to partner with us in any way they believe it can make a difference in society.  We are eager to listen, learn and share with you our experience and knowledge on how to realize a flourishing future for your organization and its stakeholders.​ 

Our Benelux team consists of seasoned experts in sustainability innovation, behavioral and cultural change in organisations who use their capacities combined with deep learning practices derived from research. Our team covers a range of complementary capacities to deliver the right content for your journey towards flourishing. 


Experienced organisational inertia change agent, innovation expert, Innovation and entrepreneurship at KULeuven and Flanders Business School. 

Innovation Consultant

KRIS Vander Velpen


Creative business changemaker who transforms organisations through connection, collaboration and creativity.

Innovation Consultant

ADDA Van Zanden


Facilitating change in the area of agriculture. Mental silence facilitator and accountant manager.

Agricultural Change Facilitator

PAT Adam


Organisational transformation consultant specialised in culture change, leadership assessment and executive coaching. 

Organisational Transformation Consultant

CARLOS Versteele


Facilitating change through self-organisation and transparency. Specialized in growth mindset, facilitation skills, social and economic impact development.

Societal Impact Facilitator



Marketing Consultant with creativity in the heart and an extensive background in Marketing Management and B2B communication.

Marketing Consultant and facilitator

MANOU Meuwes

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