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Innovate with societal impact

Move your organisation towards flourishing

This Programme consists of modules that enhance your capabilities to generate societal impact together in and outside your current organisation. The modules go from vision development to network development over to execution of your business model. These capacities will be transferred to your organisation. We provide training, coaching and mentoring on the job to implement the knowledge from these modules into your organisation.

Maximising societal impact.

Go for societal impact which becomes the new normal.  Learn how to recognise opportunities. Build an ecosystem with other organisations and make a sustainable business model. Get out of firefight mode and reformulate problems to opportunities.

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Listening skills & awareness

Develop your listening skills for discovering opportunities and enlarging your network. You will learn deep listening skills that will enhance your collective awareness. You will find the beauty and the opportunities you need by sensing other people, by showing true empathy, cooperativeness and co-creation. This skill is key to evolving towards flourishing.

How to stretch yourself and go beyond the obvious

Learn how to go from a fixed to a growth mindset, from diverted to converted thinking, Break through your comfort zone by shaping the typology and dynamics of your (virtual) team.

Watch this video on Youtube where common problems are transferred into huge opportunities. Get inspired here: Fish - Seattle.

Sustainable Business Model Development

Learn how to grasp upcoming trends (circular economies, CO­2 neutrality, alternative currencies,...). Make new business models together with your stakeholders. Include Human Machine Learning to craft more opportunities.

How to make it happen

Learn how to attract additional resources to your innovation projects.

Get better ways to pitch, to communicate with storytelling to get other people on board. Use sales tactics for purposeful innovation. Learn Project Management and governance skills to make it happen, including roles and responsibilities.


Contact us for more information. 

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