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Shared Value, a portrait of Michael Porter

Often business is seen as the cause of social problems. But if you know that business profits from solving problems then addressing a social problem with a business model is the answer, according to Michael Porter.

Michael Porter is an American academic at the Harvard Business School, known for his theories on economics, business strategy, and social causes. This short documentary shines a light on his career, his influence on Belgium and his most recent work on 'Shared Value'.

Aravind, an eye hospital

Aravind is the largest and most productive eye clinic in the world. It's mission is to eliminate any needless blindness by providing high quality, high volume, compassionate care for all.

Aravind treats now treats over 1.7 million patients each year, two-thirds of them, for free. It's business model gives priority to human welfare. Incoming revenue comes from people who can afford the surgery. The founder had the vision to make eye surgery as efficient as Mc Donalds.

Start something that matters

Blake Mycoskie is the founder of TOMS. His business model allows TOMS to provide shoes to disadvantaged children while still running a profitable company. This book he wrote shows people how.

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