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Together we deliver change

Generating impact using networks and system thinking

When wanting to solve big societal problems we can only do that through collaboration and using each others' strengths at the level of organisation. How to set up societal systems that deliver value together and impact is a skill you can learn. 

Creating business value and enhance true impact on societal problems demands networking skills, a birds eye view. We use techniques that our consultants have been using to develop regions. In these modules, you will learn how to generate impact together with other eager individuals that are part of powerful organisations.

Setting up a network

Learn advanced techniques to build a new network within and outside the organisation to develop a core team for the execution of your innovative ideas. Develop a cross-functional team consisting of individuals from different organisations. 

Strategy thinking

How to define your mission and vision and corresponding goals. How to make this actionable and lived throughout the organisation. 

Develop your capabilities to make your vision into a strategy and an effective action plan.

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Long term decision making

Learn how to develop a vision and goal for societal impact together with other individuals from different organisations. Develop opportunities to work towards disruptive innovation and set long term goals (5-10 years). Learn how to use your 3 brains (head, heart and gut) for decision making. This includes scenario thinking and effectuation.

Change stuck situations

You will learn how to unlock situations that have been blocked for a long time. Learn how to use different techniques to make people introspect. Think out of the box and get a birds eye view on the whole situation.


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