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Flourishing individuals make flourishing organisations.

The Flourishing Culture Programme consists of different trainings and workshops that enhance emotional awareness and emotional control.


We train your capabilities to introspect and adapt your mindset, to gain confidence, to recover faster from setbacks and to step up for the next challenge.


We change the fear of failure into an explorative mindset and develop personal capabilities to set a clear personal vision that comes from your own integrity, intuition and wisdom.



Build resilience to work towards your long term higher goals. Use your empathy and adaptability to connect and move forward. Gain resourcefulness to lead others. Learn from setbacks to gain self-knowledge on how to improve.  

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Entrepreneural Mindset

Know how to see disturbances in a perceived perfect flowing world. Recognising societal change opportunities in a fuzzy world and selecting the ones which are creating societal value.

Mental silence 

You will train your brain towards thoughtless awareness. This state will enhance your listening skills, your awareness and control over your own emotional state and your attention.

Meditation will improve your well being and reduce internal fears that prevent you from flourishing. 

Listening skills

You will learn to listen from inner silence. You will learn to connect deeply to another person with deep listening skills. You will be able to use your intuition when you need to take a decision based on the inner silence.

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Introspect & adapt 

You will learn with your team how to thrive in this rapid changing world with an introspect and adapt-mindset. This will make you enjoy failures by seeing them as experiments towards your goal. You gain practical tools for inspection and adaptation on a personal level as well as how to implement it in your team. 

Decision making processes

Learn how to use your 3 brains: head heart and gut to come to flow. Use the knowledge shared by collective consciousness to make decisions which go beyond fact-based conclusions. 


Take a leap in your personal development. Join the iLeap programme.

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